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Motorcycle trip? Choose Valtellina and Valchiavenna

Motorcycle Trip? Choose Valtellina And Valchiavenna

The most interesting roads for two-wheel lovers

The Province of Sondrio is an ideal destination for two-wheel lovers: Valtellina and Valchiavenna are surrounded by mountain passes of breathtaking beauty 다운로드.

In fact, due to their natural conformation, these lands are true “friends” of bikers who come here from all parts of Italy and Europe 에리 의 액션 다운로드.

The San Marco Pass

Wanted in the 16th century by the Republic of Venice to promote economic exchanges with the Canton of Grisons in Switzerland, the name of the pass is linked to the Patron Saint of the lagoon city 지하철 게임 다운로드.

This first route has a gradient of 16% in just under 25 kilometers (if we consider only the actual road of the pass) but it can be part of a much longer route able to connect the province of Brescia to Milan Cadra download.

The San Marco Pass is known for its breathtaking beauty and wonderful views of the landscape and is suitable not only for motorbike tourism but also for lovers of biking and high altitude walks 다운로드.

Don’t miss a flight on the Fly Emotion or a trip along the Path of the Mysteries if you want to break up the day.

The Stelvio Pass

Opened in 1825, the Stelvio Pass was commissioned by Francesco I° of Austria to connect Milan with the Val Venosta, through the Valtellina.

The joy of so many tourists today, among motorcyclists, cyclists and mountain lovers is thanks to the Engineer Donegani who in just 3 years managed to build a truly unparalleled track in the world.

Hairpin bends (36 from the Lombard side and 48 down towards the Val Venosta) that alternate with views of a perfect mountain harmony. It goes down to the “mythical” Coppi peak, 2760 meters above sea level.

The Passo dello Stelvio, in fact, is a dream for all lovers of two wheels, both motorized and not. Since 1953 it is almost always part of the stages that make up the Giro d’Italia.

Dulcis in fundo it must be remembered that the Stelvio Pass is also the location of the Stelvio Motorcycle Rally which takes place every year, in summer.

The Maloja pass

This pass doesn’t reach very high altitudes (1850 meters above sea level) but it’s worth mentioning as it paves the way for a series of exciting routes for motorcycle lovers in Switzerland.

It is also possible to stop for a break between art and culture both in the wonderful mountain village of Chiavenna and in the most famous Swiss town of Saint Moritz.

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